Top 10 Travel Apps

There are a multitude of travel-related apps on the App Store today. So I’ve decided to compile a list of the 10 most useful apps, which I will be using in order to plan my travels, including my upcoming trip to America.

1. Skyscanner  skyscanner

Skyscanner is definitely the way to compare flights, especially if you’re willing to fly with any airline in order to get the cheapest price.  (FREE)

2. WeatherPro iPhone-WeatherPro_icon

Extremely accurate and incredibly detailed, WeatherPro should be everyones go-to app for weather.  ($3.09)

3. XE Currency  Unknown

XE Currency is completely accurate because it uses live currency rates. Don’t even think about hopping on a plane without it. (FREE)

4. Packing Pro  images-1

Packing Pro creates a suggested list of what you might need, split up into categories (e.g. essentials, clothing, gadgets, etc). All you need to do is tell it where you’re going, how long for and who with. Simple! ($3.79)

5. NYC Subway  Unknown

This New York City Subway app offers a comprehensive map of the entire subway system as well as a handy route planner. During my 5 days in NYC, this may well be the most used app on my iPod. (FREE)

 6. Tipulator  Unknown-1

Being from Australia, I possess only a limited understanding of the concept of tipping. Thankfully, I have discovered Tipulator a week out from my trip to America. This app will save me from any social embarrassment by calculating appropriate tips for me.  (FREE)

 7. TripAdvisor  images

TripAdvisor offers reviews of hotels, attractions and restaurants, allowing you to better plan your trip based on the opinions of thousands of other travellers.  (FREE)

 8. iStone  iStone-Travel-Translation-App-for-iPhone-iPad

iStone is a great tool for overcoming language barriers and simple little phrases like asking where a toilet is tend to be really handy. (FREE)

 9. iMovie  Unknown-2

iMovie is by far the easiest and most efficient way to edit clips with a great range of features such as slow-motion and split-screen effects. Videos can then be easily uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo (I’ve just created a Vimeo account – “Live Like Jay” – and I will begin posting videos soon.  ($6.49)

    10. PS Express  Unknown-3

Adobe Photoshop Express has a range of great effects that enable you to quickly remove imperfections from photos before uploading them to social media.  (FREE)

Thanks for reading. If there are any other apps that equally as good as the ones mentioned above, please let me know.


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