Obtaining a Social Cultural Visa for Indonesia (for Australian Citizens Only)

The Sosial Budaya visa is the most popular visa for anyone who is planning to visit Indonesia for an extended period of time. Unlike a Tourist Visa (30 days VOA), the Social Budaya visa is valid for six months. Just to be clear, it is not a work visa and to do so is illegal.

The visa is initially valid for a period of 60 days and can be extended four times – each subsequent visa is valid for a period of 30 days – after that. Once you have been in the Indonesia for six months, you will need to leave the country.

You need to apply for your visa at an Indonesian Embassy. I applied in person at the Indonesian Consulate in Sydney.

“Visas are submitted to the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney by filling out the appropriate forms (1 copy for each person) and enclosing:
– Passport (still valid at least 6 months from the date of entry).
Non-passport documents (such as Travel Documents, Certificate of Identity, and Certificate of Registration, Emergency Travel Document, etc.) will not be accepted.Check your passport for blank visa page (minimum 3 blank pages should be available). Please be advised that we will return your application and passport if we found there are no blank visa pages on the passport or incomplete application without prior notification.
– One recent colour Passport photographs.
– Proof of a ticket in and out Indonesia, or a ticket to continue travel to another country.
– Proof of permanent residence for non-Australian Citizen. Please be advised that applicant with no proof of PR would be suggested to obtain Indonesian visa from country of origin/country of residency.
– Letter of invitation from family or social organization, which describes the purpose of the visit and guaranteeing all transportation and living expenses that will incur in Indonesia.
– Copy of ID of the sponsor. If the sponsor is non-Indonesian citizen please provide a copy of KITAS and passport. If the sponsor is an Indonesian citizen, a copy of the KTP (Indonesian ID card) must be provided.
– For minor applicants, a statement letter from parents or guardian and copy of parents’ or guardians’ ID.
(source: http://www.kemlu.go.id/sydney/Pages/ServiceDisplay.aspx?IDP=5&IDP2=23&Name=ConsularService&IsRootWeb=false&l=id&l=en)
– the visa fee is $60 and can not be paid in cash (but Eftpos is accepted).

My visa took 3 weeks to be processed due to Christmas/New Year closures so be sure to leave plenty of time for acquiring your visa before your departure date. Additionally, visa applications at the Indonesian Consulate in Sydney can only be submitted and collected during the following hours :

Monday – Thursday:
09.15am – 12.15pm EST
02.15pm – 04.00pm EST

09.15am – 12.00pm EST
02.30pm – 04.00pm EST


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